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Jul 28



Snowberry Clearwing (Hemaris diffinis)

…is a species of “Hummingbird” Sphinx Moth (Sphingidae) which is widely distributed throughout North America. Adult snowberry clearwings are often seen in flowery fields during the day where they will feed, like the hummingbirds they are named after, on nectar from flowers. Snowberry clearwings are typically seen flying from March to September, however this season can be shorter the north north they occur. Snowberry clearwings will have two generations per year. With caterpillars feeding on dogbane, honeysuckle, and of course snowberry. 


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Lepidoptera-Bombycoidea-Sphingidae-Macroglossinae-Dilophonotini-Hemaris-H. diffinis

Images: Cody Hough and Lonnie Huffman



Jun 29

Peter Pan's Wendy →

I started blogging!  Sort of.

It’s a hobby blog, of course.  Expect verbose entries about Japanese toys and media, especially character brand collaborations and stuff aimed at kids, all filtered through my American “adult” female perspective.

My introductory feature is a three-part series on PreCure!  Of course only Part 1 is up right now…but I’m working on it.


May 31


Even Goldfish crackers aren’t immune to gendered marketing. I got some Pink Princess Goldfish for my brother


WHY.  Pepperidge Farm, WHY.

(I don’t actually care what color the Goldfish is just so long as it tastes cheesy, but seriously, that Princess package is kind of atrocious.)

May 25

fartflies said: are at/went to Animazement this year?! The one year I don't go (granted I am studying abroad in Japan but that isn't the point) and YOU are there?! I am going to freak out, you are one of my favorite webcomic artists!


Don’t worry, I’ll be there next year too! And probably any other cons we can get to from North Carolina. ;)

Besides, you aren’t missing out on much… why miss anime cons when you’re in Japan?? Wow, such envy, much jealous…

Come visit :D *waves “Tokyo is awesome” flags*

May 04


Sentai heroine fanart by Izumi Rion.

Apr 29


I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the fact that I’m now older than some of my friends.

Welcome to my life.

Mar 06

Jem & The Holograms
For @Sketch_Dailies

Truly outrageous, my dear!


Jem & The Holograms

For @Sketch_Dailies

Truly outrageous, my dear!

Mar 06

bitmapdreams-All of Tonyu


This soymilk gives you the yummy benefits of both soy and black sesame; Two birds with one stone with Kurogoma Tonyu!Koucha. 'Sawayaka na Earl Grey no kaori' the little-known best tasting milk tea.plain flavored, unadjusted soymilk, made of Tamabijin Beautiful Beans. I did a little research on what these beautiful beans might be, and what I found is that they're a production of the Honda Trading Company, grown in, of all places, Michigan and Ohio... All other soy drinks from this company get their beans from Canada,  interestingly.Sawayaka Annin. Catchcopy: 'sutekina Asian Sweets fuumi -- tarinai seni wo oishiku hokyuu' the name says it all, A third the calories of Annindoufu, plus 4.8g of protien and 3.6g of fiber haigou. A real arigatai drink.Banana? Yeah, banana. If you wake up in the middle of the night with a growling empty stomach, this is the best tasting thing in the world.Chosei Tonyu. The original.Matcha, now with Kuromitsu and more katekin. 5.8g of protein, too. Green tea and black honey is an amazing combination of flavors.Aojiru Fruits. Kokusan Kale to 3tsu no Fruits. I never thought of banana, peach, and apple as green fruits... but they sure match kale well. It's a real mysterious taste, though. Just when you thought you've grasped the sweetness the flavor escapes you. cool.

With 45% the calories, 0 cholesterol, and just as much calcium as milk, why would you drink anything else? The carton even looks milky!Makes a secret appearance in roadside supermarkets during autumn; the elusive Yakiimo baked sweet potato soymilk.I've always found the strawberry flavor very... vivid. this juice box says they're holding a Kodawari no Kokusan Jam Present Campaign. Clip off the proof of purchase tip and send it in with a postcard to be one of the 1000 to recieve an Ichigo and Mikan jam set! Tempting.Marron flavored soymilk, with 'a surprising Mont Blanc air' and 3.6 grams of fiber. Apparently, there's even a splash of cooking wine. At most 0.01%, though they suggest those weak to alcohol to take care when consuming this product...definitely more fruit mix than fruit au lait. so fruity you forget there's beans inside.New flavor that just came out a few months ago--as you can tell by the box, it tastes like caramel flan pudding!My favorite soymilk to drink in the morning, Bakuga Ko-hi-; Malt Coffee.Much like the chocolate soymilk they sell back in the states, but less chocolatey...

Japanese soymilk comes in many many many flavors.

I like banana (room temp), coffee (chilled), and aojiru fruits (very chilled) the best.

I love it.  I love it all.

Feb 25



oh my god

Oh my god I need one of these for when friends sleep over WHERE CAN I GET ONE

Feb 13


The clean apartment lasted the weekend…but…not much longer after that.  I kind of let things go, but got fed up and decided to clean today.  After a mere 30 minutes the floor, desk and table were back, baby, back!  A load or two more of laundry and I’ll be caught up on that as well.  Yes, this is much better.  So glad I put in all that time cleaning last week!